01 November, 2011

O20 Halloween Alleycat: Recap

This past Sunday, there was a Halloween Alleycat hosted by our lil homie Robert. His first time throwing a race and he killed it. Good job my dude, I'm proud of you. 35 racers showed up to run six checkpoints in and around the Silverlake/ Los Feliz Echo park neighborhoods. It had one of the most gnarly shoe starts I have ever seen in years, to start the racers off. With tasks ranging from doughnut eating, beanbag tossing, jumping jacks, and digging around in rotten pumpkins for toys and bobbing for apples to finish the race at the finish line (saw at least two people lose places because of not being able to swoop them apples fast enough). Tony Z pulled out the win on his road bike and Hern pulled a close 2nd overall (1st fixed), and Peanut grabbing 3rd overall (2nd fixed). It than lead into a block party which was super fun (lots of friends), until my back started killing me, so I left earlier then normal for me. Congrats to all of those involved and big ups to Robert for a successful event!


Robert holding court. We taught him well.

The overall winner, Tony Z, getting that Yung Apple FTW.

2nd overall/ 1st fixed Jason, oops I mean Hern!!!

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