02 November, 2011

Outlier: Liberated Wool Peacoat

Outlier is steady dropping great winter time clothes. Liberated Wool Peacoat is one of those. I am digging the grey color and wish I had a holiday trip going on this year, so I could justify buying it (LA all winter baby). Very stylish, and a great looking jacket. I'm jelly of you northern folks this year.

A classic wool peacoat reengineered for a life of freedom. We've always loved vintage navy peacoats, there is nothing better for walking around town on a cold wet winter morning. Problem is, the traditional fabric is so constrictive you can barely reach a subway straphanger in one, let alone get comfortable riding your bike. The Liberated Wool Peacoat keeps the classic peacoat aesthetics but uses an innovative cut and a 2.5 layer wool softshell fabric to create a cool weather jacket fit for motion and comfort.

The Liberated Wool fabric has a beautiful yarn-dyed wool outer face and soft fleece interior. Holding them together is a water and wind resistant polyurethane bond. The result is a warm fabric with the sharp looks of quality wool, the soft flexibility of fleece and the breathable weather resistance that only the Swiss can architect.

Made in NYC using yarn dyed Swiss fabric and custom Corozo buttons. High buttoned collar and merino/nylon inner cuffs for warmth. Perfectly pitched three piece sleeve and modulated back pleat for superior arm movement. Dolomite Blazed Cotton seam binding tape. Cut true to size.

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