10 August, 2011

Road Runner bags: New New

A few months ago Brad from Road Runner Bags gave me a hip bag to checkout.
I did a review on it and gave Brad some feedback. We met up this week to discuss some
collaborative work (watch out meow) and Brad showed me the new and improved hip bag.

Impressed by improvements. A larger size, the key ring is a nice touch and the way the lid folds
over creates a waterproof bag.

ULOCK HOLSTER! Yay! It's nice to have a local bag maker in town again. I really
can't wait for ya'll to see what TOLA x Road Runner have up our sleeves for you guys in the
next few months... Made in LA!


  1. Brad is a cool dude, I hope his AMERICAN made product makes him lots of money! Let's see some messenger bags soon.