10 August, 2011

Paved Magazine: Trafkas

I'm a little late on this one, but I finally got my copy of Paved Magazine while on my trip.
The Homies from Trafkas had a great photo spread and write up in this months issue.
This is a very fast ride and has kicked my ass several times. I remember when it was just track bikes!
Fucking roadies taken over. Just Kidding, This is a great ride with a bunch of amazing riders, which I am
happy to call my friends. I'll be back soon to get my ass kicked again. Congrats!

Details on the ride:

This ride is not sanctioned by anyone and everyone is on their own: Individuals doing things together!!!

The party ride that moves!!!


Meet Place: Cafecito Organico 710 N. Heliotrope / Bicycle District

Meet 700pm, Leave at 8pm SHARP!!!

Different routes each week. Around 40-50 miles. Spicy pace. Route Slips, Regroup points and Food to cap a joyous evening...

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