10 August, 2011

Bookman Lights

This little package of Bookman lights was waiting for me, when I got home from my trip.
While these came from my homegirl Jarah (Gear Collective) in NYC (Thanks!), I actual saw these in Sweden!
My cousin Andy had these for his bike lights. It's a Swedish company and I'll be proud
to give these a whirl.

I love the packaging, so Swedish. It feels like you could pick these up in Ikea,
as well as your LBS. Pretty cool that it comes in a set, front and rear.

"The design idea was to use the simplest shape possible and let the colors do the talking.
We began with a block shape and then added the few necessary functional elements;
the curved underside, the oversized rubber button and the groove for attaching the elastic cord.
So here is Bookman Light designed to meet the modern demands of material and energy efficiency,
but most importantly to look fabulous on your bike!"

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