07 September, 2011

T.N.T. BEWM!: Week IV

Week Four, ride is still going strong. Come out and ride! Next week will be
a good one. We got visitors in town for the BFF and Interbike, so it's one not to be missed!

T.N.T. BEWM!!! (Tuesday Night Track BEWM!)

The ride that WON’T STOP!


Meet Place: Orange 20 bicycle shop, 4351 Melrose Ave, Bicycle District

Meet 8pm

Leave at 9pm

Different routes each week. Starting with about 15-25 miles. NON STOP. We're gonna keep a good pace,
however it does get split up into a few packs. We’ll all go for food after a great ride!

Routes are given at the start.

Fixed gear only!
But if you show up on a road bike we're not gonna tell you you can’t ride…

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