07 September, 2011

R.E.Load: MOLLE Flight Packs

God Golly Miss MOLLE. These systems are gonna be the game changer in the way we use our bags.
R.E.Load is the one of the first cycling companies to use the Military MOLLE system in a civilian/ urban setting.
Being able to customize your bags exactly the way you want is every person's dream.
Where you do want your pouches, water bottles, pumps, polo mallets, tool rolls, and
what ever else you can think of to go on your bag? The possibilities are endless.

Details from Reload:
"We're nearing the light at the end of the tunnel with this new MOLLE lineup! Today we're releasing
the first model in the group, the Small MOLLE Flight Pack. We're figuring this will be the most popular
of the bunch, so we're focusing on it for the initial launch. Available attachments will be the small,
medium and large pouches, U lock holster and bottle holder. In the very near future we'll be adding
pump/miscellaneous-tube-shaped-things straps, as well as a polo mallet holster."

Here's how the system works. Great tutorial video form R.E.Load.

I want a large ass version of this. You might never need another bag again.


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