07 September, 2011

TOLA x Road Runner: Cell Phone Pouch and G-Series Hip bag

We have teamed up with Road Runner Bags to bring you two products which are available for pre-order.
Super stoked to be working with Brad and we feel like we have come up with a unique, yet simple
take on the Cycling hip-bag and Cell phone pouch. A few weeks ago, I sat down with Brad, we
talked about my issues with hip bags, we brain stormed some ideas, prototypes were made and this
is what we came up with. The G-Series Hip Bag. The cell phone pouch was an added bonus.
We here at TOLA! are about to drop the new website and Store (not quite ready), so you will have to
email us with your orders (takeoverlablog.com and I'll get back to you with all of the details), we just couldn't
hold off waiting to drop these handmade in LA, soft goods on ya. Enjoy. They are both available for order today!

First up, TOLA! Cellphone pouches. Our take on them. Large enough to fit any phone, straps onto
any shoulder bag or messenger bag, also has belt loops to run a belt through and wear on your pants,
use this feature for phones or ipods, small cameras, etc.. We really want to see what guys will use this for.
Look for contests in the coming weeks based around this pouch. So get one today!

A cellphone holder for your messenger, back pack, mini hip bag or even for your belt.

The holder is designed to fit all size cellphones, is weather proof, highly durable, and very stylish.

The holder is a "one size fits all", and can be attached to almost anything.

The Pouch comes in Black Only.

Handmade not Machine made in LA. No two pouches are the same.

$20 dollars

Email your order to Takeoverlablog@gmail.com and we'll get back to you with the details.

The G-Series Hip Bag. This hip bag is based around my need for a better way to hold, store, be
able to ride/ shoot photos on the go and have a easily accessible way to get my Canon
G11 in and out of a hip bag without any fuss or other stuff falling out in during that process.

Ulock Holster! Yay! Remember all of these bags are handmade in LA, by Brad.
No two bags will look alike.

This what makes it the G-series. A simple divider. I just always had problems keeping
my camera in a hip-bag. Try to take it out, and shit falls out or putting it back in, nothing fits right.
With this divider, you be able to seperate cameras, open cans, tools, anything that needs to be spaced apart.
I have been rocking mine for about two weeks and I love it. I use mine during the week in my backpack,
as a way to hold all of my electronic cords and my G11. Then on the weekends or on rides, I got
everything I need in one place.

The bonus is that you don't have to use the divider if you don't need it. Simply, peel it off and stick it to the back.

Details on the G-Series:
A Hip Bag for one who cycles and needs a pouch to divide their camera, cellphone, wallet, keys, iPod, tools, tube, pump and what ever else you need to keep separate and accessible while riding.

This bag has a U-Lock Holster that will fit any size U-Lock and is made perfectly to fit the Mini U.

L - 7"
W - 2"
H - 8"

Waterproof, made of 100% Coruda with a tarp lining.

Comes in Black.

$35 dollars

Email orders to Takeoverlablog@gmail.com and we'll get back to you with the details.

For a limited time, you can order both the G-Series hip bag and the TOLA! Pouch for $45 dollars

Email Takeoverlablog@gmail.com and say you want the deal of a life time!

Any shops looking to wholesale these please contact us at Takeoverlablog@gmail.com

We are so stoked to have both of these handmade in the city we love. Los Angeles, CA!!!

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