09 August, 2011

Random Swedish Bikes I saw or rode...

This was the first track bike I saw in Stockholm, within a few hours of being there. I thought

well that's promising. Little did I know...

These are what I mostly saw... Rent a bikes! Super cheap to rent, and they were everywhere.

I didn't ride one of those though...

I rode the Tiger! This was my bike in Stockholm and I loved it. So much fun!

These were the bikes Kelly, Ben, Jonas, and I rode around Stockholm with. The best!

Saw a lot of these WWll bikes on the road, this one was in a military museum.

One of the few Track bikes, I saw locked up on the street in Malmo.

Guess which one I rode?

Another example of Swedish rent-a-bikes, this one was from my Moms hometown of Karlskrona.

Watch out Sweden, I'm coming back soon and I'm bringing some heat with me.

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