09 August, 2011

Global Friends

Emanuel Batali, one of the Stockholm riders i was in contact with before my trip.
I promised to hand deliver a copy of TL&R to Emanuel. I hadn't gotten a hold of him, before
I went riding around with my cousin. Something told me to throw the DVD in my bag.
Came down a street, and this guy started yelling my name, and it was Emanuel.
Pretty rad. We shot the shit for a bit and I got to ride his track bike around for a minute.
The bike things we talked about are so universal and it really shows how global the
fixed gear/ urban rider community is. Next time I'll have my track bike and we'll ride, my man!

Very nice!

Check out Emanuel's Tumblr here.


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  3. Get hit by a car? Really nice, my man. To scared to leave your real name?
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