09 August, 2011

Crescent Bikes

Crescent bikes, the one brand that was everywhere in Sweden. 65%-70% of the bikes on
the street were Crescent, same in the shops. They have the market on lock. Old and new
bikes, they were everywhere. Starting off in the early 1960"s Crescent & Monark bikes (same
frames, different colors) have become the dominant brand in Scandanavia. It's kind of crazy, how
everyone rides this one brand. I kind of want one.


  1. Me, too!

    Last trip Ben and brought back a couple of fancy chainguards, but we couldn't figure out how to rig 'em up to our bikes. sigh.

  2. Frank Oct 29, 2012 5:38 Pm

    hello can anyone help me on getting information on this Crescent it looks like the one in picture I sure want to fix this bike my email address is 1frank45cortez@gmail.com my name is Frank Cortez any help will be great thanks.