17 October, 2011

Red Hook Milano: Results: USA! USA! USA!

Picture of the year by Federico of the newly crowned Red Hook Milano winner, NeiL BezdeK. He crushed the field by taking first overall, fastest lap and both race primes. Neil also did it on the new Cinelli Laser prototype. Way to bring the win back to the states. Congrats! It was a close race, Neil pulled it out by a wheel length, with the rest of the top ten just seconds behind. Gnarly.

Untitled from Trimble Racing on Vimeo.

Official Results
1. Neil Bezdek 43.01 USA
2. Jon Ander Ortuondo ST Italy
3. Alexander Barouh +01 USA
4. Francesco Martucci +01 Italy
5. Danilo Borroni +01 Italy
6. Chas Christiansen +02 USA
7. Tommaso Nolli +02 Italy
8. Nathan Trimble +03 USA
9. Paolo Calabresi +05 Italy
10. Kacey Manderfield +05 USA

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