17 October, 2011

WDC: FGFS Contest: Edit.

Our German friends at Suicycle threw a trick comp over in Hamburg, Germany. There was an American representing! Nelson Bell from Seattle, holding it down from the Future Tense Comps that Zlog throws. Pretty cool. Nice edit, digging the Mobb Deep.

WDC Fixed Gear Freestyle Contest from Suicycle Bike Store//Company on Vimeo.

1. Simon Andraca Radio bikes
2. David Pili Shred crew
3. Bastien Raoux One gear family
4. Hinricht Schimanski Suicycle store
5. Ruben Bauer Zontrac
6. Nelson Bell Seattle

Bunny Hop Contest:
1. Simon Andraca 80cm
2. Nelson Bell ,Bastian Raoux, Gianni Suicycle 70cm

Best Trick:
1. Simon Andraca

Got the results from Zlog

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