02 September, 2011

TOLA introduces: Featured Guest Blogger: John Reiss

Joe and I are getting ready to drop a whole bunch of New New for TOLA! over the next few weeks.
We got TOLA Hip Bags and Cell phone pouches dropping next week (pre-order will drop this weekend),
then all sorts of apparel coming at you, soon after. We got the new website coming, and the most live
coverage you have ever seen from Interbike in two weeks. We will be live and direct from Interbike covering all the bases.
Products, races, parties and the streets, will coming at you through this site, with a little help from some friends...

Because of how crazy busy Joe and I will be, we asked our good friend and amazing photographer
John Reiss, if he wouldn't mind posting from time to time. Hailing from SF, he's a welcome addition
to our Takeover Family. Funny thing, normally I write the intro, then the guest will post. Not John,
he jumped right in it yesterday. We got a go getta, I guess? Welcome to John!

Check out his Flickr here.

This is his tumblr.

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