02 September, 2011

Superb: Sprint Track Frame Prototype

I saw the teaser post on Superb's Blog last night and was hoping for a full shot of the
frame, sometime soon. Bewm, I got it this morning! Looks good. I'm a huge fan of
Lo-pro Pursuit Frames, so I'm really digging how all of these companies are dropping these jems!

Details from Superb:
"Here is a quick teaser of our first prototype. This one is called the Superb Sprint and is an aluminum frame with lugged steel fork.
It is amazingly light weight, matching the Cinelli Mash, and that has a carbon fork! More info and photos coming soon, keep your eyes pealed!"


  1. This makes no sense, is it a persuit frame or a sprinting frame? why call persuit frame "sprint"?

  2. fake ass cannondale. aluminum frame w/ steel lugged fork. cmon son!