17 August, 2011

Bookman Lights: First run

About a week ago, I posted about Bookman Lights. Last night was the first hustle night ride

I have taken them on, besides casual night rides. Here's my two cents. I really like the Lo-pro look of the lights

when mounted (super easy to mount) and how the on/off button doesn't trigger, when you brush against it or

have them in your bag (it takes a solid push to get turn them on).

That's great and all, but they need to be brighter. It gets dark in some spots of LA,

and the front light wasn't bright enough by itself to light my path. The rear was just fine and bright enough.

After a week of casual night riding and one hustle ride, I would use these for my casual night rides (barhoppin), but still breakout the big dogs for longer, harder night rides. Thanks to Gear collective for making an already stylish bike look that much better!

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