21 February, 2011

YancoSaurusRex: New hats!

I love the Workmen cap and the Hatfields, and have a collection going on. These will be new editions to the pile. Great looking Caps from my two homies, Yanco and Tracko.

Deets from the Man himself:

Got some new Workmen's Caps made from a Vintage Liz Claiborne chambray poncho. These are definitely lighter than the usual Workmen's Cap allowing them to fit under a helmet a little easier and will keep your head a little cooler. But I doubt most of America is worried with keeping cool right now.

I also got a few new Hatfields made with the 2011 London Tweed Run in mind. Both wools were imported from bloody London with the idea that I would hopefully sell most of these Hatfields to Londoners participating in the Tweed Run. The first is the London Tweed Run named after the April 10th London Tweed Run Flyer's color palette and the second is Red London named after the band Red London. Both are made from a 100% wool imported from London. Anyone with a London address will also be receiving a special gift from us here at Tracko with your purchase.

As Kyle would say "Swoop Here"

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