21 February, 2011

I got another ticket.

While running errands on Saturday, I was headed home before the rains hit. Cruising down Virgil, hit a red light, didn't stop for it, did the old hook around the back of the car going through the light. A block later, LAPD nabbed me. The cops were cool, and we chatted for a bit, they knocked the ticket down to "a illegal lane change violation " Thank god. Those red light runner tickets are pricey down here.


  1. Should probably not run red lights, but you know that already.

  2. A lot of the time you are pretty much forced to run red lights because most intersection sensors do not account for bicycles. That is when you are on your own and it is safe. To be honest I run red lights at certain intersections because I know the light patterns. It was nice of the cops to change the violation. Be careful.