28 February, 2011

Hard to watch

While this weekend was fun, there was some tragedy in Brazil. A motorist drove through a Critical Mass on Friday.
I must warn you, it is hard to watch. Very hard. My thought are with those riders.

Here is a link to The Urban County,
which is updating info daily. The driver ran, then turned himself in, Claiming "Self Defense" WTF.

This is his car, that he abandoned. "Self Defense", ya sure.


  1. the driver's name is

    Ricardo José Neis age 47
    email: ricardo.neis@bcb.gov.br

  2. im glad this is getting bigger, was on the news this morning, guy is claiming that they were beating on his and car and he was afraid they were going to attack him, no one was killed and all that were injured are out of the hospital thank god.