02 June, 2010

LAPD officers accused of clashing with bicyclists relieved of field duty during probe

So, I've been holding off talking about this, until the dust settled. (some what) I still really don't want to comment on it, people who know me, know how I feel about the large group rides, and share the same thoughts. They serve a function, and are great ways to introduce people to bike culture. That's where it ends for me. There are other elements in the LA bike world that serve to fuck those functions up. If you ride in LA you know what they are. It's time for us to police ourselves and say no more to these groups fucking our rides up and how we appear to the Non-Bike community. It doesn't really surprise me at all with what happened on CM, this past Friday. It's been building up to that for awhile. Now I'm not taking any one side, I just want both sides to take a step back see how we can work together, to insure it doesn't happen again. We are at a junction with cars and bikes. It can only get better or worse from here. We really need, as a community to come together and show that we're more then just a roving party, or street racers or just silly kids on bikes. We have the power, we just need to use it right. Maybe it's time that CM has served it's purpose in LA. We can't run it correctly and it's causing more harm then good. Just put it to bed for a bit, get some strong leadership at the helm and riders who want run it right. There are many other cities who have CM who have great relationships with the Police and motorist's, CM is looked upon as a positive thing, not this ugly monster that rears its ugly head once a month.

Here's the LA time's Link so you know what's happening and what happened.
PS: Be careful out there the next few weeks, shit will be hitting the fan for us because of this...


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