02 June, 2010

LAfixed NJS Ride V.20

Whoop, Whoop, that's the sound of NJS! Whoop, Whoop that's the sound of NJS!

It's the time again! NJS ride! Now even if you don't have a NJS bike, you can still ride... You just won't win shit, and your porn worthy bike won't be worth shit that day. It'll still be fun, and an awesome ride! Do et!

From Simon the Beast's mouth

LAfixed NJS ride V.2.0
We meet SUNDAY, July 11th, 2010, NOON...We roll out at 1pm, in little tokyo, here...
Everyone is welcome, especially the sparkly/non sparkly njs bikes, so spread the word and lets enjoy in some stellar steel.
The day will include a 20mile mellow-yellow bike ride, a few photo ops, 2 hard stops for regroup and hydration, and finally which will then end at a space to showcase the bikes with contests, ribbons, drinks, and food.

Contests will include
•Best Overall NJS
•Rarest NJS
•Favorite Commuter NJS
•Most NJS Stamps
•Most J-PoP

All contest winners will receive limited edition prizes from quickpace, dtwanksta, and more..

So get your NJS bikes all shiny and sparkly!

Stay tuned for more deets as the date comes up!

-Sean Martin

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