10 November, 2009

Challenge Latex Cyclocross Innertubes.

As much as some of us like to Jump off stairs, ramps ETC. we can't avoid tires going Flat.. These Latex CX Tubes are supposed to be lighter and Pinch/ Puncture resistant. but supposedly you need to re-pump them as they leak..
Has anyone tried these? I wonder how often they need to be re-pumped? is it even worth it? $12.95 for a tube is a bit steep but if the life is longer then maybe it's worth it.
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  1. I've tried them with the Challenge clinchers which supposedly is to give you a ride as close to a tubular as you can get from a clincher. The concept seems to make sense and on the bike the tire/tube combo seems pretty supple. I have run between 40-45 inflation and have not flatted them yet. I think they give me a good ride and plenty of traction especially on those nasty off-cambers. Word of caution though, these tubes are real easy to pinch when you install them. I learned and expensive lesson on my first try. Second time I made sure I used plenty of lubricant on the rim and bead (Windex works great) and got them on by hand, no tools.