17 October, 2009

TONY Z's 2nd Annual San Diego Ride Nov.29, 2009

Anybody wanna ride to San Diego with TONY Z? Grrreat!! Here are the details.

When- Sunday November 29, 2009 (3 days after thanksgiving)
Time- Meet at 7:45 Leave at 8 a.m. Union Station (Downtown LA) In front of the main entrance. Near the benches.
Pace- I want the group to average between 17-24 mph. With an emphasis on an easy pace the first hour or two.
Stops- About 3-4 stops for food and drinks. Long Beach, Dana Point, and Oceanside. More stops if we have to.
Distance- 108 miles (give or take a few)
Terrain- Mostly flat with rollers in Laguna Beach and Dana Point.
Return- We will take the Amtrak Train from Solana Beach at 4:35 p.m. Due to arrive at Union Station at 6:45 p.m.
Note: I have requested a "group travel request" from Amtrak. Meaning that we pay less than the $33.00 regular fee and we get our own train. A representative will call me in a few days with more details on ticket price.
Riders needed- Amtrak requires a minimum of 20 riders to be considered a "group"
To Bring- Money, 4 energy bars, 6 gels (1 per hour) a pump or co2 cartridges, 2 tubes, tire levers, Drivers License or California I.D. (Very Important) you will need this to ride thru Camp Pendleton
Tires and Tubes- Ride with puncture resistant tires like:
-Specialized Armadillo
-Continental Gatorskins
-Bontrager Hard Case
and if possible use a "thick" thorn resistant tube or even "slime" tubes.
Training- Please be well prepared for this long ride. Last year 3 riders cramped at the half way point and had to go
home. Here is a rough training schedule that I put together so you can be ready. Remember it's about
endurance, not speed.

Saturday or Sunday , Wed or Thurs

7 Weeks to go- Train 2 hours, Train 2.5 hours
6 Weeks to go- Train 3 hours, Train 3 hours
5 Weeks to go- Train 3.5 hours, Train 3.5 hours
4 Weeks to go- Train 4 hours, Train 4 hours
3 Weeks to go- Train 4.5 hours, Train 4.5 hours
2 Weeks to go- Train 4.5 hours, Train 5 hours
1 Week to go- Train 5.5 hours, Train 3-4 hours easy

Happy training and hope to see you on Nov. 29

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