17 October, 2009

Aceboogie and random hero presents: C3PR (team relay race) Sun, Nov, 8th 4pm!

C3PR!!!! Team relay race!!!!

Sunday, November, 8th 4pm registration, 5pm race

5 bucks to race, winning team takes all!!!!!

A four person team relay race through Pan Pacific Park!
5 dollar entrance fee, winning team takes all!!!!
One lap per racer
Each racer will have an item to hand off to the next team member (spoke card or baton)
MUST be handed off in motion!! NO DEAD STOP/START HAND OFF!!!!
Any and all bikes allowed! At least one fixed gear per team.
Get out and get you teams together!!!!

Map of the course to be up soon, there will be spotters to make sure ya'll don't cut corners.
Flyer to follow, just one or two sponsors this time. I promise!!!!
One Fixed will be providing four custom T-shirts for the winning team!


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