12 October, 2011

New Sharrows in LA: S. Redondo Blvd

I have been meaning to stop a take this photo for about a week now. It's hard to stop when it's the morning and your coming in to work or a night when your leaving to get home, you just wanna get there. I was feeling it this morning, so I stopped to a take a snap. This is already a bike route street, but the city just added these new sharrows to help punctuate that fact. Redondo is a great connector from La Brea Ave up to Jefferson Blvd, and is a small part of my commute every day. I hope to see more of these pop on certain streets on my commute and it would be great to see actual bike lanes covering LA. We'll take what we can get for now, and not look a gift horse in the mouth. Baby steps!


  1. Very nice, but I am a little confused. Where does Redondo meet La Brea? did you by chance mean Rodeo?

  2. Redondo becomes La brea if you are heading South to North. Towards Hollywood .

  3. Just to be clear, Redondo runs of La brea North to South.

    Rodeo runs East to West.