19 October, 2011

Outlier: Fall 2011: In a Technical Nature

Fall is upon us. Shorter days, long nights, awesome fall/ winter riding while wrapped cozy gear. I love this time of year, even in LA, where the changes are sutble. Ain't nothing like riding all bundled up and ready for action. Haha! Outlier is dropping their Fall line. Check it out here.

There is a place where nature and technology intertwine like lovers to create something new. Cottons twist around nylons, wools bond to fleeces, artificial down is layered between wool knits and wovens, nanotech dosed nylons are modeled after lotus leaves, cottons are engineered so tightly they become water barriers.

At Outlier we want to create the future of clothing; to get there nature and technology must overcome their age old conflicts and weave into one. Outlier Fall 2011: In A Technical Nature.

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