21 September, 2011

Chrome: Design a T-shirt contest

Chrome and Threadless are announcing a great contest, you design a great tee, get people to
vote on it and you'll get paid!

Details from Chrome and Threadless:
More people live in cities than ever before, and many of them are taking their bikes to the city streets.
Cyklar, bicicletas, and vélos are fun and inexpensive and they’re infiltrating asphalt cracks of cities
across the world! For this challenge, create a t-shirt design inspired by the street, the bike, and the
people of the urban biking movement. Take to the city streets. Visit bike hangouts. Research the
history of urban cycling. Look at how bikes are reshaping your own city, from the social and
economical impact to music, design, photography, and street art.

Chrome is proud to announce our Urban Bike Design Challenge with Threadless!
We're crowdsourcing both communities for urban bike-inspired designs for future
features within Chrome's Artist T Series, and if anyone should be submitting and/or voting, it's you guys!

Winners receive:
- $750 cash from Threadless
- $750 Chrome gift certificate
- One-of-a-kind custom Citizen messenger bag with their submitted artwork

One winner's design will be sold through Threadless and the rest through Chrome (online and in stores)

Enter and vote here!

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