11 August, 2011


While in Patras, Greece for my Cousin's wedding, (Congrats Andy!) our hotel clerk, Kiriakos,

overheard my conversation with my Cousin about bikes in LA. He asked if I ride Track bikes,

told me he rides a Pake, (the only track bike in the streets in Patras!!) I begun to tell him

about TakeoverLA, and he already knew it! TOLA worldwide. Anyways, Kirakos was a amazing dude

and we had great conversations about bikes, life and I really he hope holds it down and gets more

people to ride. While I was there some of Fixed Athens came up for his Bday, and I got to briefly ride a track

bike in Patras traffic, fun and scary. MoreCheapThrills is his tumblr and you all should check it out.

If you ever go Patras, look up my man at the Olympic Hotel.

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