24 August, 2011

Wear your Helmets

Sorry for the lack of posts from me. In case you don't know I had a pretty bad crash
over the weekend. I endo'd and flipped over the handlebars, smacking my head
on the ground and opening it up. I don't really know because I can't remember. I came to,
standing up holding my head and seeing all of my shit that I was carrying all over the road. I wasn't
wearing my helmet. Dummy. Almost 90% of the time I have a helmet on. The 10% I don't is when I'm
rolling around the neighborhood or close by. Not anymore. I cannot stress how shitty the last
five days of my life has been. Forgetting things, feeling exhausted, no focus, missing work
and feeling shitty. On top of missing rides, events and races, I won't be able to ride hard for at
least a week or two. I shouldn't really be riding to work, but then life would really suck then.
All of this could have been avoided had I been wearing my helmet. I got real lucky that I only
got a concussion, it could have been a lot worse. WEAR YOUR HELMETS.


  1. sorry to hear that man heal up soon!!!

  2. Words of wisdom. I'm sorry you had to take a crack on the head to pass 'em on to us though!. Hope you're up and at 'em in no time!