05 August, 2011


Every Swedish apt. building has the Cykelrum. Basically bike storage for the building in the basement.
It's the whole basement floor, hundreds of bikes piled in these rooms. It was crazy and wish I had more
photos of the madness. Nothing really to crazy in the realm of what the bikes were. They were all pretty
interchangeable. Cruisers, Mix-ties, old world war era bikes, Mt. bikes., not too many road bikes or
Track bikes were seen on this trip.

The funniest thing about the Swedes, is how the care for their bikes.
They don't. The bike breaks, and they just get another one, don't think of getting
repairs done or learning themselves. It's not like they are highend bikes. The bikes
are like Wal-mart bikes or bikes handed down through the years and family member
to family member. However, they all ride and day everyday. The cities are based on the bicycle.
It was pretty cool to see that. A country where the bike is king, and you
ain't special cause you ride one. Everyone does.

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