22 February, 2011

Fortune 700: Hoodies

The other Street race happening this weekend, Fortune 700 has printed limited edition Hoodies for $20 bucks. I met up with Chris and he hooked me up with one. Super comfy, great design, raised print on the back. Quantities are very limited, but Chris said if demand is there he will print more. So jump on it. Message Chris on the FB event page or come cop one day of the race, where they will be $25. Thanks Chris.


  1. People love Greg Ugalde...


    But it's LA... go figure!


  2. Haha, Love you too.

    I didnt make em. I like them, and now I know why, it was familiar.

    What's that phrase? Copying is the sincerest form of flattery?

  3. To be completely truthful it is kinda a copy of something... an original. I drew this when in art school in 1984. This was about the time I was influenced with the bikes during Moser days and such olympic times that year for which I attended and witnessed USA take gold. Anyways the image link attached is of a painting from my high school homie Norman Tenadora who painted this (while 420 sessions in his moms garage) for me years later after rough sketching it again for him. This is not probably, but definitely a LA Original!

  4. that shit looks super bro'd out.....fucking lame.

  5. I highly doubt Mr. Prolly Watson knows anything about 1984 Olympic. So let him go take his crappy photos, write his shity blog or whatever else this douche does.