23 February, 2011

Chrome: Ivan Review

More then a few months ago, Chrome sent me a Ivan, to check out. My first impressions, "Damn, this bag is huge". I rolled with it as my commuter bag, for about a month, it was just too much as a daily bag. I use it on Monday when I have to bring in a bunch of stuff to work. Best bag for heavy loads, or a ton of shit. This thing can hold it all. It has become my grocery getter, and long distance travel bag. I wanted to drop this review after I was in Seattle, hoping to get rained on, but there was no rain on that trip. Luckily, we just had a few storms come through LA last week and it got put to the test, namely the outer pocket, I use to carry my laptop...

This what it looks after after a $70 dollar run to Trader joes. It was half full, I could of fit so much more.

The profile is huge from the back, makes appear bigger then you are on the road. I notice that when rocking this bag empty or full, cars give me a wider berth. This are photo's from the same run to TJ's, in the front pocket are tools and and odds and ends. The front pockets never seemed to get full, no matter what I put in them. Deep.

There are two main compartments to the roll top, Both equal large and deep, one being a separate zipped compartment. I assumed it was for when you have wet clothes or you need to keep certain items dry while going in and out of the other main compartment. I have yet to use it, I see how it would come in handy if you didn't live in Southern California.

My Favorite feature, the Laptop/ document Pocket. Works great. Totally water proof. No complaints here.

Now to the issues that I have with this bag. The straps are too small for a bag this size, a little thicker would be nice for heavy loads, as well as a waist belt to stabilize during heavy loads. I found that the bag would shift around while riding, when packed to the gills. Another problem, is that it that the back pad bunches, and can become uncomfortable with smaller loads (see photo). A thicker or stiffer back pad would take care of this.

I would say, this bag is great for those days when you need to move a lot of stuff, traveling or are a working messenger. Otherwise I would go the the smaller version the Pawn, if you are a day to day commuter/ student. Great epic back pack. Tough as nails, this bag can take a beating, and will be my bag rotation for long time. Another great bag from Chrome.


  1. So stoked off this bag! I just got mine a few days back! Looking forward to putting it through its paces out here in Portland, OR.

  2. I'm thinking about purchasing this bag for a little bike trip come January and for the money I will spend on it, I'd also like to use it for my normal day-to-day school/work transport. I'm wondering if this bag will be too obnoxious for a 5'4'' female frame.

  3. It's huge. It'll do the job and then some.