16 January, 2011

I am Los Angeles: Sean Martin

Sean Martin - I Am Los Angeles from Joris Debeij on Vimeo.

This was really fun to make. The only shitty part was, the Sunday we filmed was the start to my sickness (a week long nightmare), so, at times I felt like I was gonna pass out... I wanna say thanks to Joris, and LAB for hooking it up!

Checkout the rest of the profiles at IamLosAngeles.com

Pretty cool site, great idea. Go learn about the hidden people in our fair city.


  1. whats lab? you really need to cut your hair. u said you were 31 thats terrible. get a car. commuting is for hippie fags.

  2. shaun white rides bikes??!

  3. What's unfortunate is that I ride in LA, and this video makes the traffic look down right reasonable. Should have gotten a shit-tone of shots at rush hour.

  4. i thought it was good. shaun white definitely does ride a fixie, another thing i would say to is get a hair cut????????just saying.

  5. funny that its not ok for cars to run lights but its ok for you to run stop signs