01 November, 2010

Rider Profile: Greg Garth

Old Greg, He really is the best. If you know him, you are blessed to have him as a friend. No holds Barred, a straight fucking shooter, tell you whats wheelie gewd, faster then you on bike, amazing dude, down to earth, can out drink a lot of people I Know, and truly is my friend. I love this guy, and would do anything for him. Thanks Greg. More after the jump.

Greg Garth

What do you ride?
Bareknuckle, everything else is half built

How long have you been riding/ what started you?
I started riding bmx as a young lad then skated for many years till i broke my back then moved on to road/track

Do you wear a helmet and why or why not?
Always. I crash sometimes

Favorite Shop? Why?
O20 cause all my dudes work there and they dont kick me out when i get drunk.

Clip or clipless?
Clipless but every once in a while i wanna throw on the toshis.

Ride with headphones/ music?
Newp. Although it would be nice to hear something other than a creaky bike

Sponsors or teams/ gangs/ clubs you are a part of?
Chubby boob. The juice. My gang is secret

Favorite Race?
Super Market Street Sweep race in SF was really fun. SB to SM is jsut a really nice ride regardless and of course the Lord of Griffith

Favorite place to ride or route(s) in LA?
Encino velo, PCH, La Crescenta, Griffith park...all of it. Mullholland, Cahuenga south, Barham up or down and my favorite, to the liquor store, all of them

Favorite person(s) to ride with?
Me! I hate those dudes

Dope Chill spot?

Why LA?
Born and raised...besides the people, its a great place to live and ride...no pun intended

What do you do for work?
Professional dog grooming and dog/cat rescue.

What else do you do/ projects/ hobbies?

Dream Bike?
Something I wont destroy by just riding it...samesies for wheels.

Best/ worst about riding in LA?
The best is having every kind of terrain at your fingertips the worst is the drivers and James Beumont

Any LA secrets/ tips you want to give out?
No way dude, me and my dudes are all about secrets.

Shout outs?
Fuck...Ace, Beaver, Devon T., Doug rip, Geobbe, Jay, Jenn, Jenny Rowdy, Juan, Lobato, Kyle, Omar, Quick, Sean, Simon, Star, Ian, Avo, Colt, Anthony, Excite, my Mom, Emily, Brandi, Jr, Graham, Jason, Kenny, CBNC, Sailor, Rupert and Waffles. If I left you out then we should hang out more, Dick.

Last word? This "fuck James Beumont" -cheers!

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  1. Yes! Greg FTW. James Beaumont FTL.

  2. this dude seems like a stand up guy to me...

  3. These quick interviews are great! Keep up the good work!

  4. Greg is the shit! miss that dude, for sure. Shout out or no, I still love that dude.