07 October, 2010

10-10-10 The There and Back Race

A race for CicLAvia! Be at O20 by 1130am, race at 12. Real easy, you just need a Camera phone.

$5 dollar buy in, Winner take all.

Let me just say this, it's not gonna be a fast one, this is for fun. There will be a lot of people out, and we don't want anyone getting hurt. I miss the old days of street races, when you just made a flyer passed it out (even crappy flyers) and people came to race. No bashing or endless questions, just folks that like to have fun on their bikes. Pass judgement afterwards.


  1. racers endangering/frightening all the cicLAvia cyclists who want to ride on the car free streets doesnt sound like a good idea.

  2. Really? A lot of folks are working very hard for this. I'm surprised it's even happening. To have a bunch of Fixie-jocks screw it all up is nothing short of selfish and immature.
    Come on, man. This is the first time this is happening! Why are you trying to make it the last? This is happening so that the people who live there can enjoy the streets and walk/ride where they want, why do you want to bring the cycling equilavent of rice rockets to the scene?
    And get over the nostalgia! These events you're talking about took place at night, during rush hour traffic. They weren't taking advantage of an event benefiting the community.

  3. Orlando, We should be the last of your worries. As I stated on LAfixed, it's a photo hunt, more time off the bike then on. You don't think I have concerns for the general public? I do. More so then you think. I am not being selfish or only thinking about "fixie Jocks". I love that this happening in LA. As someone who commutes everyday, back and forth across Los Angeles during peak rush hours, I know what a big deal this is, and what it means for us. The last thing I want to do is screw it up. I know about the hard work that went into this, more then you think I do. I do more then just run a blog and throw races. You make it sound like I'm gonna unleash the demons of hell on the unsuspecting Citizens of CiLAvia. Hundreds upon hundreds of "fixie jocks" cutting a pathway through the poor people of LA. Far from it, Cmon man, how people were at the DTLA last race? Four. Just come have a beer with me.