19 May, 2010

Undefeated World Cup Flag Tees

In about 22 days, this blog will for a short time, become a Football Blog, (JK Joe) but seriously, World Cup 2010 is almost upon us.
I am fucking stoked, early mornings, late nights, watching the world's best go at it for 90 mins on the pitch. It's really the best time in Football fans life. What sucks for me is none of my countries are in it this year. (Sweden, Ireland, what happened?) So, I gotta root for the good ole USA, and I think a spoiler team or two.... Lets go Korea!

In honor of World Cup, Undefeated has put out their classic "5-Strikes tee" in the Flag colors of the Top Doggs in World Cup play this year. Germany, France, Portugal, England, South Africa, Brazil and Spain. Awesome. You can get them at any Undefeated store, or online May 22nd!

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-Sean Martin

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