24 May, 2010

Time to switch it up...

Wow. What a big weekend. Goddamn, that was a lot of fun and a little disappointment. I'm gonna start this by saying "I need a camera" (mom, dad?) Badly. Words are one thing, but when you add photo's it just creates a whole other dimension. This post would so epic right now if only I had camera. I can't rely on other people to take photo's for my blog anymore. That's why this week I'm getting a camera (fingers crossed), and you'll be noticing big changes to this blog. (at least from the LA side, still waiting on that shoe review Joe!) Fresh Shit will be popping off, daily if not hourly... So like the Kids would say "pics or GTFO" Here's what happened, while it's still fresh in my melon.

Friday night, my homie Peeks had a opening at his gallery, it was the shit... A lot of Lulz went down and some really good art was up. Go check it out it, for realz....

Then came Saturday, fun, fun, fun. Rode around, met up with a bunch of homies. Then posted up on different spots of the course of the Time trial for the ATOC. The best spot was on the climb from Temple to Grand, where we proceeded to run next to racers cheering them on like some raving lunatics (shout to Quick, Jances and Yanco). Then after a bit, we were asked to leave the course by an LAPD officer, (who probably has never seen a pro tour before and really didn't know that's a good thing to do) Just to see the smiles on their faces as you're telling them to get out saddle and sprint, really made my day!

Then after that madness, Lil Hern threw a race for MASH to their gallery opening that night. This where the disappointment comes in. (I didn't race so I don't have much to say, but my game is coming back and after this weekend, it's go time) 38 racers showed up, two all the way from the SFC. After 5 laps around echo park the racers had to climb up to Griffith Park Observatory to get their manifest before the race starts. Great course Hern! Only 11 racers made it up to go get their manifest. WHAT THE FUCK LA? To all you young racers, don't blow your wad in the first 5 miles. Pace yourself, be prepared, the races this year are only gonna get harder. The winner was Walton from SFC, good job dude, congrats. My boy Ace held it down for the east and got 5th place, the other top finishers were from other parts of Socal. LA, it's time to step up, and I'm calling everyone out. Myself included. The rest of evening was pretty fun, great screening of MASH's film from last years ATOC, where they did it on track bikes. Amazing photos, and great swag was for sale. Picked up a pair of knee-warms, life changing. I love em. Checkout the show if you get a chance. Also here is link to the flickr from the night. (incase)

Then on Sunday, was the Bicycle Kitchen's benefit race and bbq. Only Seven people raced... WHAT THE FUCK LA? The Bike kitchen has been a huge part of our community for years, and they need our help, through donations, or just showing up and supporting their events. Of course, a lot of people came later for the bbq, beer and music (which was great to see a lot old and new faces). Give props to Gabe for winning the race, as for the other six of you, C'mon, ya'll are veterans of alleycat's across the country and world, how you gonna miss a checkpoint? Hahahaha. This was a very epic weekend, and this has been the trend in LA for the last two months, I hope it continues next weekend. Oh, it's my birthday, so it will...

-Sean Martin

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