03 May, 2010

Stryker LA

Yesterday, my homie Kevin from Stryker LA hooked me up with a new bag. The T-LEVEL Infinity Rolltop Backpack. These bags are coming from Korea, and Stryker LA is the only distributor on the west coast. (if not the whole country, but I might be wrong) While I have had it only for only one day, I'm impressed, so comfy and tons of pockets and space, but the real review will be coming some time in the future. (watch out for that) I'm mainly writing this to give Kevin some props and big up his new online store. Kevin is awesome, he's so down for bikes and bike culture. He's on almost every large ride and sponsors almost every race and event in LA. He's put a few of my talented friends on his team and is working very hard to get their names out there. (LiL Hern, Juan, Michael Chacon, Jamil Grey) All in all Kevin is fucking rad and you should check out his site and store...

Here's the deets:

If you are looking for a backback which is the most durable and fuctional, this is the one, Infinity Rolltop Backpack. T-AERO system helps this backpack being breathable. The air comes through in between the frame and the back and providing you the most comfortable fit and they even exhale a heat and sweat at the same time. Material: 1600D Invista Cordura Fabric ,T-Aero Cushuning System(TA01DG-OVF),WaterProof Truck Trap Line (1000D PVC Paste Resin), Woojin-Duraflex Plastic patrs , Filament US Nyron Webbing , Polyurethan Film Coated Logo Marking, 3M Reflrector , YKK Water Refellent Zipper Width 32cm Height 46cm (rolled up)~max 88cm width 27cm (width and height could be changeable depends on volume of the indside.)

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