17 November, 2009

Graham Obree's attempt on the one hour record is off.

Sad news over on Bike Radar, where cycling legend and multiple world record holder Graham Obree has confirmed that he won't be making a new attempt on the World Hour record after all. The Scottish cyclist said that after his homemade bike, which had been performing excellently on the road, proved too uncomfortable to ride on the banking during trials at the Manchester velodrome, he was forced to concede defeat. Still, the guy is an absolute legend, and deserves way more recognition than he gets.

Thanks to Hipster Nascar


  1. More than he will ever receive Graeme is one of the Few modern Ledgends of Cycling

  2. Just watched the film Flying Scotsman. I didn't know the history of Graham and was glad to get the full sp on this incredible guy. No matter how much he was kicked in the teeth by "The Establishment" he came back as strong as ever. It was nice to see how gracious Chris Boardman was portrayed. I will now never forget this story and just wish him long life.