31 May, 2011

Need help to get racers on the road.

This past weekend was my Birthday. Zoe and Justin K. came through to meet me at La Cita for the jump off Saturday.
Within a half hour or less, both of their bikes had been stolen. How's and the why's are not important at this point.
What is important is getting these guys back on the road. Zoe has been killing it lately in the street races in LA, solid dude,
and one of my favorite Street racers in the city. Justin K, has thrown events for ya'll, sponsors a few of you as riders for his clothing company and has been training hard for the LOG lll. He needs to race, and he is a big part of this community, very deserving of help.

What I am asking for is this, track/ fixed gear parts, frames, wheels, whatever it takes, to get bikes for these guys, and get them on the road. What ever you can donate or hook these guys up with would be awesome. This when the community comes together to help out a few of our own, who have been there for ya'll.

Email us at Takeoverlablog@gmail.com if you have anything to donate.

Thanks in Advance, lets do this!

Meet Chris & Donnie

Meet Chris & Donnie from BODABODANYC on Vimeo.

I love these Videos from Boda Boda NYC

Midwest Mayhem Comp

Midwest Mayhem Comp from Sam Erickson on Vimeo.

Some trick comp went down this past weekend. looks like a lot of fun!

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Study Footwear

Study Footwear has jumped on as Sponsor of LOG lll. These are the shoes you can win.
The Bike Drops, Super comfy, Cycling specific, very stylish off the bike. Have no fear, they will be setting up
a booth at the afterparty and will be selling these shoes for very cheap ($25). Come through and swoop!
Super stoked to have a shoe sponsor for the race!

The Gravel Pit will be the only place you can get these and the other Study designs in LA.
They start selling them there this month.

Come checkout the shop for the afterparty and take care of all your needs!

LA River Extended Scene - To Live & Ride in LA

Another one! Just drop it already!

Swoop the DVD here.

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Ideum Apparel

So Fresh, so clean. Ideum Apparel, first time sponsor of the LOG lll, which is this week! Holy crap.
Be sure to check out their new website and come out to win this Sunday. Ideum has a new colab
with Ube's Ice Cream Shop, you might have a chance to go home with limited edition shirt!

27 May, 2011

WOB Hustle Race

Yeah Homies!

Fixation the Movie: LA Screening/ Party

YES! We have a date for the 1st LA Screening. June 23rd at the Mt. Bar.
I can't wait! Much Excite! Maybe we can get some of the SF heads to come for it?

2011 West Coast Unvitational

I wish I was going to this.

Longbeach Happenings

Looks like LBC is coming up. Got some good stuff for you guys this weekend down south.
If it wasn't my Bday weekend, I would fully come done and check this out.
I love riding the river down to LBC.

Residence Gallery

4th Street LongBeach

FB Event page

COG in 16mm (part four)

COG in 16mm (part four) from COG Magazine on Vimeo.

These are the best! Nice work from Cog!

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Mission Workshop

Alright Fellows, here is one of the Main Prizes for LOG lll. Mission Workshop came through
with a Vandal. My most favorite backpack of all time. This bag does it all. You better leave it
all on the road if you want to get this bad boy. Big thanks to the homies at Mission and Echos,
you guys really come through for us and I just wanna say thanks.

Fixation Fridays: Marc Marino

FIXED! CHECKPOINT! This Guy. Marc, he helped me learn my new favorite phrase "Suns out, Guns out"!
After a few visits to SF and catching each other on the interwebs for time to time, I'm happy to call this
guy my homie. Great bikes skills, super fun to hang out with, and a great dude. Another SF rider for
Fixation, (LA, We next) Marc is holding it down for several crews and companies and should be coming
to a race near you. So watch out! Checkpoint!

26 May, 2011

Tokyo Fixed visits Nitto

Tokyo Fixed visits Nitto from Tokyo Fixed on Vimeo.

So Rad.

Fish Smith

More great photos from Beaver of our friend Bagelsworth.

Trafik's New look

While getting ready for the 6/21//11 DVD release of TL&R, the homies over at Trafik
have a new look to their blog. I love the new layout,
and it's time we did the same thing. Looks great guys, solid work.

Check it out here.


I need this in my life. I hope these rumors are true.

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Livery Design Gruppe

Wow, when I got home yesterday, there was a very nice package from Livery Design Gruppe.
Crankset, chainrings, cogs, and lockrings. All things that are great to race for. I am very
happy to have LDG as a first time Sponsor of LOG lll, and I hope you all race your hearts for
all the amazing swag that has been collected for you guys. These companies have really broke
bread, and I just wanna say thanks to all sponsors again. You guys rock!

25 May, 2011

The Pool - The Full Story

The Pool - The Full Story from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

This is something we dreamed of happening for us growing up in AK...

Kyle, you are killing me with these hats.

Stop making such dope hats! I feel like I have the biggest collection of Yanco & Tracko hats.
You are getting all my dough, it's like you are my dealer, Tracko.

Swoop Here.

GothemSmith: Bicycle Cufflinks

Wanna class up that alleycat, make that Tweed ride have a little bit of Swag?
Then these are for you. I'm pre ordering a pair. I got a wedding to go to in July,
and these will be perfect for it.

Thanks to Joe for pointing this out.

Continental Tires: Hardshell vs SuperSport Plus

I get a lot of questions as to what skidding tires do I run on my various Track bikes.
I run Continental Gatorskin Hardshells on my Lo-Pro, Continental Supersport Plus on my BK,
and Supersport Plus on my Felt tk2. Which of there do I enjoy the most? Lets get down to it.

Feedback Sports: RAKK

Our homie Rob had one of these sent over a little bit ago, RAKK Storage System.
It's perfect for what I need it to do, store and display my bikes. I just need five more!
Great for taking photos of tires and wheels, as you will see.

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Burro Bags

The Main Prize for the "Lady of Griffith" got to my house yesterday. Burro Bags, really
out did themselves on this one. It's pretty sick. Very well made, with some really great accents.
I hope you gals have been out climbing a bunch, for this bag demands a strong willed woman to
hoist it over her shoulders!

Thanks a lot to Burro bags!

24 May, 2011

Zlog: Stickers

Get some here! These look awesome! Nice work Zach!


New New! Every week we get closer to the release. 6/21/11...

I heard there is some sort of contest going on at Trafik... Get on it.

Outlier: Pivotal Sleeve Shirt

Roy sent this over, more goods from Outlier...

"We discovered the Dolomite fabric in our constant quest to improve our Blazed Cotton formulation. It's densely woven like our Supermarine Cotton, but at half the weight it wears completely different. Sharp, angular and crisp it makes an incredible dress shirt and we became instantly infatuated. Ultimately we decided it wasn't what we needed to upgrade our Blazed Cotton formulation, this stuff is expensive and we're not exactly known for being scared to pay for great fabric... Still we couldn't help making a few shirts out of it, mostly for ourselves really, but we figured if we liked it so much maybe you will too. Limited production run of 47 shirts total in Navy and Black."

23 May, 2011

Fyxation: Gates Pedal with Strap Kit

Fyxation just sent this over. It's their new Gates Pedal with Strap Kit with Velo City Bags
I have yet to try out any of these style of these Foot Retention Systems. Now companies are creating pedals and strap
combo's. Smart idea. I am building up a new bike and I have decided to try out the Strap/ platform pedal combo.
Kinda looking forward it.

Details from Fyxation
"We’ve wanted to do a pedal strap combo with our Gates pedals for a while now but just hadn’t found the right foot retention system that offered a quality pedal strap that was also affordable. Well we searched high and low and finally found what we were looking for from Velo City Bags based out of Salt Lake City, UT. Velo City is known for their high quality messenger bags and backpacks and they’ve used their finely tuned bag making skills bags to come out with a well designed and great looking pedal strap."

Great looking!

The Mayor's shoes

The Mayor and the Comptroller came by to party with the Nerds. These were the shoes he wore.

Chubby Boob: Pop Up Shop

NERD CREW. If didn't make it out to the two parties this weekend for Chubby Boob, you fucked up. I could show you photos, but you ain't down. LOL
You still can go visit the Gallery and check the out goods though.


ALC fundraiser Alleycat: Results

O20 threw an Alleycat this weekend to raise funds for the ALC ride. You had to pick up seven oranges around the
Silverlake hills then come rushing back to the 20.

The Business Card Race: Results

Yes, there was a shoe start. The best way to start a race ever. What did the 11 racers (c'mon LA) have to do?
They had to collect three business cards from three different types of businesses in Venice, then take a photo
of their bike with ocean in the back ground. Short and sweet.

LAB: Pop up shop at Royal/T

Friday, LAB opened a pop up shop at Royal/T. We threw a fun Alleycat for it, more on that later.
The pop up shop looks great. A real clean look to it. Very pleasing to the eye. The set up is great.


Wolvh is back with more goods... Evil ones.

20 May, 2011

Griffith Park weekend rides, Track bike only.

You want ride Griffith this weekend? You want to get ready for this?
I'm hosting a ride at Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea tomorrow at 830am.
Then on Sunday, Tracko is hosting a ride from Golden Saddle Cyclery at 930am.
Get some. Track bikes only. Get some.

COG in 16mm (part three)

COG in 16mm (part three) from COG Magazine on Vimeo.

So Good!

Fixation Fridays: Ryan Resurrection

Fixation is getting ready to make the rounds of Screenings for the cities involved in the filming. As a way to get you guys ready for it,
we will being doing rider profiles of the riders from the film. First up from SF, is my homie Ryan!
I met this dude at the Red Bull event, and we hit it off. "You like bikes, I like bikes" that kind of shit, that
makes for an instant friendship. Enjoy, and check more profiles from the film every Friday.
The regular Monday profiles will be returning this Monday as well!

Three years of Boobs.

My dudes. What can I say? I feel so blessed to be apart of this crew. CBNC Por Vida. The Best Around.
I love you all. See ya'll Saturday! Here's to many, many, many more years of being Nerds.

Epic weekend!

LA Brakeless is opening a pop-up shop at Royal/T this Friday.
We are throwing a super fun checkpoint race for it. Short and sweet. Get some.
Race is at 730pm sharp at Royal/T. Details here.

Then on Saturday, Orange 20 is throwing a ALC fundraiser party for members of the "Juice crew",
who are riding the ALC this year. It's for a good cause, so be there!
From Hern:
"BBQ, Raffles, Alley Cat Race, Beer and sexy people everywhere."

If you don't to come this Party, there is no hope for you.

18 May, 2011

Austin Horse rides SF

Pretty cool.

Cache by Krystal

While riding, one my favorite things to see in LA are Cache's murals.
Next time you go to O20 to get work done on your bike, bring Cache a Root Beer...

Red Bull: Ride & Style

That about sums it up...


Pulled from the Rapha site.

Thanks for the info Emily!

The Rapha Cycle Club is now open in San Francisco.

Launching with the start of the Giro d' Italia, the San Francisco Cycle Club is the meeting place for any cyclist passionate about riding, racing and the culture of cycling. The Cycle Club is featuring live coverage of both Grand Tours, has a complete library of cycling magazines and books, organises weekly group rides, and is displaying an evolving gallery of cycling photography and ephemera. The Cycle Club also carries the full offering of Rapha products.

Just 10 minutes ride from the Golden Gate Bridge, and with a steady schedule of unique cycling events – including weekly showings of great cycling films – the SF Cycle Club is a hub for every road rider this summer.

As you should expect in San Francisco, the coffee and food at the Cycle Club have terrific character. Featuring, Four Barrel Coffeee, and sweet and savory goodness from the Tell Tale Preserve Company, the Cycle Club is the ideal start or finish point for group rides.


2198 Filbert (x. Fillmore)
San Francisco, CA 94123


* May 5 – July 31


* Monday–Friday: 7am to 7pm
* Saturday–Sunday: 7am to 6pm


Velodrome from Nick Turpin on Vimeo.

Creative, I like!

More Pushbike love

Beaver was in SF for the past week. I was going through his photos and found this jem.
It's Murder! One of my Favorite places to hang. Pushbike!

Ride of Silence

Short notice events this weekend

LA Brakeless is opening a pop-up shop at Royal/T this Friday.
We are throwing a super fun checkpoint race for it. Short and sweet. Get some.
Race is at 730pm sharp at Royal/T. Details here.

Then on Saturday, Orange 20 is throwing a ALC fundraiser party for members of the "Juice crew",
who are riding the ALC this year. It's for a good cause, so be there!

From Hern:
"BBQ, Raffles, Alley Cat Race, Beer and sexy people everywhere."

SKYLMT: Steven Jensen

Steven Jensen from SKYLMT on Vimeo.

Wow. The Game done got changed. SKYLMT.

17 May, 2011

LA Brakeless: In Stock: Volume Cutter v6 and Volume Crypt fork

You should prolly swoop on these before they are gone...


Outlier: 60/30 Shorts

These look great.

Deets from Outlier:
"The Outlier 60/30 Shorts. A longer and more relaxed version of our Three Way Shorts, clocking in with an 11 inch inseam. Our 60/30 Cloth combines the soft hand-feel of cotton with the high performance of nylon, and adds a four way stretch for maximum mobility. The linen-cotton flow through pockets and hidden drawstring mean these can double as board shorts during impromptu beach getaways."

We just need summer to happen...

Freqnt Flyr: Prototype City Track GD Frame

I have known Anthony over at Freqnt Flyr for quite sometime now. We would just shoot the shit and talk
about bikes and the industry. He has been developing his own brand and frames for last few years.
He approached me on the Commuter angle of riding Track bikes in the city, and asked if I would like to
test out a prototype frame made for Urban Commuters. Something to really take the abuse of city riding,
yet able to keep up with the demands of riders like me. Basiclly a commuter frame, you would want to race an Alleycat on.
The GD frame is what Anthony delivered to me earlier this week. Now I get to beat the shit out of this frame. Yay!
I'm gonna build this up from the ground, just what a basic commuter would build. Nothing too flashy, just solid parts.
Yet it will be a good looking build. Love the Red color, it'll look good with black components, maybe some white accents.
I'll keep you posted as it comes along, I'm open to suggestions as to what to put on it as well.

Thanks to Freqnt Flyer for the frame, I look forward to shredding on it.

Ready The Track

Ready The Track from Ryan Dorgan on Vimeo.

Looks like so much fun... Maybe LOG lll should be many laps with teams.... hmmmm. Naw, we'll do that for year Five!

Kurume Keirin

Kurume Keirin from Deus Customs on Vimeo.

I must go to Japan.

Bike Wrappers

We get offers to test or review products here on TOLA! Sometimes the products don't fit what we do,
or aren't even bike related. This was one of those I had to think about for a minute. Bike Wrappers, reflective wrapping
(like top tube pads) for your bike. Pretty cool idea.

LA rides Brakeless

Another teaser from Trafik!

Chubby Boob: SnapBack

Getting ready for Saturday. Picking up that New New...

David Santos

The Homie sent this over. Ancient track bike! Been around forever.

David Santos