13 August, 2010

Wolfpack All-City Team Race lll

Wolfpack All City Team Race 3 Teaser from Bicykiller on Vimeo.

Holy Crap, I can't wait for the BFF!!! Good find Beaver.

3 Feet please!

Joe found this, and I had to share it. We both really like these jersey's and this movement. It's is really dangerous out there for us, in the streets, I cannot count how many times I have been buzzed this week alone. It's nerve racking. Just give us some space, it's not that big of a deal, you're in a car, an extra 5 seconds of your time to create a safe space is gonna not kill you, but you might kill me if you don't. Thanks.

Here's the deets and the link to where you can pick one up.

While cycling is safe, sharing space on our roads is becoming hazardous and as our numbers grow we must find ways to protect ourselves. In addition to knowing and following the rules of the road, we can solve the majority of our problems by riding visibly and predictably. But, then there's the motorist and more must be done to educate them on the importance of sharing the roads we all own and giving us at least 3 feet of clearance when they pass us from the rear.

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Pake

Super Stoked on this. Pake, I feel very lucky to be able to give a away a frame for such an epic race. Especially, since the frame hasn't come out yet. So fucking cool. The frame won't be ready until September, but Pake has sent something pretty cool, in it's place. Something I would put in Shadow box and hang on the wall. The winner of this race is coming away with some pretty big prizes, and just wanna thank all the sponsors again, but most of all We here at TOLA! want to thank all of you, for supporting us during our first year. Race safe and race hard on Sunday.

Stuff Happening Today.

Dope art at the Homies Gallery. Plus you can see where you are partying on Sunday!

Seattle!!! Go see who wins the Mission Workshop Bag!!!

Steven Jensen: Tail Whip

Holy shit. Tail whip. Steezin....

Thanks to ZLOG for posting this.

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Burro Bags

This bag is sick as fuck. I wish I was racing for it. I really want to say Big Thanks to the Homies at Burro Bags for hooking it up. You guys really came through for me. Thank you. I've been noticing Burro, popping up, here and there in the last year. I really wanted a custom bag for the winner, and saw they were creating bags for east coast races. I wanted one for the LA. Got a pretty dope one, too. Bewm.
I just kind of want to put this out there, as you can see. a lot of the sponsors are local to LA or small business, from around the country. These Companies came through for you guys, and I would hope you go out and support them, and tell people about these companies. I mean, it's pretty fucking cool that they take the time to create custom stuff, or give away their product for a street race. Thanks to all the sponsors... (Still one more to go though, the other money prize)

LASR Los Angeles Sprint Race by James & Tony Z: Results

Hern won. Good job dude.

Thanks James and Tony Z!

Photos by DTLA's Finest. MBC!!!
More pics here!