08 December, 2010

Tomorrow night.

It seems that everyone I know has something going on tomorrow during Artwalk. I was gonna post all of these in the morning, but I think people need to plan their evening out, (some of these end sooner then later) way ahead of time. So here we go...

Trafik is hosting two rides to Tim Jieh's curatiing of Dreams Deferred. Which has some of the best LA has to offer in the form of Artist's. See a lot friends on that flyer. I would hit this first, if you don't make the rides.

CoolassMike and 1000bikes are hosting a Pop Up Shop during Artwalk tomorrow. There gonna be all sorts of custom tees and designs up for sale. Knice has made a pretty cool colab just for this. I can't wait to get my hands on one.

My final stop for the evening, will be at The LA Destroyers show. Got some homies in that one too, the rest of the best LA has to offer. Flores!!! Make sure you RSVP (it's on the last flyer) That'll be the banger. I have a really insane day tomorrow, so much to cover, so little time. I'll see ya'll on the road.

Sixdays Zurich 2010 Part 1

Sixdays Zurich 2010 Part 1 from radsportphoto.net on Vimeo.

One thing on my Bucket list, is to go the Six Day Races. Thanks Kyle, great swoop.

Garrison Bumstead: X Up Disaster

I had the pleasure of meeting these guys in Vegas for interbike, had some beers and lulz. Garrison just hit me up with these photo's taken by Anthony Furlong of the Bumstead Crew. Nice shots, good looking out. We'll be throwing a race with these guys next year, be on look out for that. Garrison, I'll see you at the Gnar BQ this weekend.

Furlong's Flickr

Hern almost had the full cover!

He didn't make the cut, that would've been awesome. It's a great photo, and I miss the beard. These were the covers designed by Chris Piascik. The Final cover after the jump.

It's tricky

Improvise & Survive Event Teaser from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.

Chubby Boob... I really like this edit, not only cause Chubby Boob was all over it, there were tons of homies all up in it, as well!
I wish I had a little more notice for this, would have wanted to go check it out.

Unfixed from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Chris Akrigg just shreds. Brakeless single speed

Los Angeles Winter Gold Sprints

Starting next week, a Bi-monthly contest of pain and suffering. Goldsprints! See ya there. I'll remind you next week. Ugh.

Outlier: The Merino Pullover & Six Foot Scarf

More Great winter riding gear, is coming out day by day. My Xmas List is getting out of control. The new offerings from Outlier are no exception, to what I want to be rocking. The Merino Pullover, is something I need. I have fallen in love with all things Merino Wool, this past year. I never want to ride in anything else, when there's a chill in the air. So good. The Six Foot Scarf sounds scary, imagine being wrapped in this though, so warm. I wouldn't trust to ride with it, it might fall into your chain line or wheels, if not properly wrapped up. Danger.

Get them at Outlier