24 March, 2011

Redbull Ride & Style

What are the details on this? Can't locate links, I heard there's a list of racers?

I found this, but want to know more.

The event will be held on April 30th, 2011 in San Francisco, California in the iconic Justin Herman Plaza from 11am-4pm. We are inviting top riders from around the world to compete. The winner in each of the 2 categories will be awarded $1,000.
The two competition disciplines that make up Red Bull Ride + Style are:
For the fastest fixed gear racers, a course will pit two racers at a time against each other, with an elimination-style race to determine the fastest fixed gear racer.
For the freestyle riders, we will have a course of five unique obstacle features, and riders will be judged for their tricks and style by members of the fixed gear industry.
In addition to the fixed gear element of the event, we will be working with San Francisco's top street artists to add elements and imagery to the course."


I love my friends.

Tracko week

Great shots by my homeboy Omar, of the Tracko and the new Swrve Wax Riding Jacket.

Seems like Kyle has been all over the internet this week, and he also sponsoring a race, Juan (with our help) is throwing.

The Takeover ll

Burro Bags: Spring 2011

Our friends at Burro Bags have dropped the new line for 2011.

I'm really excited to see the "Lady of Griffith" Bag, they are making for LOG lll!

Check out their line here, be sure to read up on the changes they made to their bags, good stuff!

2morrows Victory - Greg B

Nice flow. Clean bikes.

Minute Mondays: Japan Relief Raffle

Minute Mondays: Japan Relief Raffle from iMiNUSD on Vimeo.

Simply awesome. Strong work. Shows what we can do, when we all get together.

Some friends need help to win

Support your supporters! Please help our friends win this contest, we have links set up for
you, to make life easy! Thanks. Two Rabbits are big cycling supporters and riders themselves,
who sponsor our races and throw events also. They deserve your support!

Deets from the Rabbits
Mike’s long board design has made it into the finals for Globe’s “Cruiser Contest”!!
But wait! We need your help! In order for us to win, we need YOU to go and like it on FaceBook. Whomever has the most likes by March 24th wins. Please help us win and we promise to love you forever. Don’t worry It’s really simple…