25 September, 2010

Time to toot my horn.

Bewm. Made the Interbike daily. Bigs thanks to Chrome for the free tattoo, and thanks to Justin May for doing an excellent job.

Congrats to Bud!

While Tone took the whole night (4th year in a row.), I gotta say congrats, to the Lord of Griffith, BUD, for winning the drag section of the night!

Matt Montoya

Matt Montoya from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

When is Macaframa 2 coming?

We're Back....

Wow, what a trip. A very Successful, trip for us. Made friends, saw old friends, and worked it like a boss. So many LULz were had. My mind is still spinning. A lot to soak in, and digest, but in a very good way. Besides all the free shit you see here, TOLA!, made some great connections for our races. Bigger and better prizes, for you guys! As well as, more products for us to review/ test for the next season. New and old companies dropping shit, that we have exclusives for. All in all, it was a great time. This is just the teaser post about what went down. Over the next week (or two), I'll have more then enough to talk about.