09 November, 2009


CONGRATS GUYS! KEEP ROCKIN... Kusaka San isOne of the best frame builders out in my opinion. Check em out HERE

VELODROME PICTURES from "To Live and Ride In LA!"

Here is some More production photos of us shooting" To live and Ride In LA" @ the Encino Velodrome
Flickr Link HERE

The Cyclocross Meeting TRAILER!

"Brian Vernor is a busy man. Not only making wonderful films such as “Where Are You Go” and “Pure Sweet Hell” he has an independent project called “The Cyclocross Meeting” about the currently exploding Japanese cyclocross scene."


BIKE PORN Photo of the day!

John Prolly's Merckx

"lights in the woods" LIMA BMX TRAILS VIDEO!

These Look Fun!!

lima from lightsinthewoods on Vimeo.

jinf22 AKA Joey Repin for the Brimstone Ridazz!

Westcoast Represent!!!!

Weekend footy (10.9-10.11) from Joey on Vimeo.

Biggest City for cyclists- PORTLAND!

Come on LA we need to get on the map! There are thousands of us Commuting everyday, yet we get no love. Why? We need to have a louder voice, that voice is here at Takeover LA. Don't worry yall we're coming. We need to show the rest of the country we are serious. Email Us what you're doing takeoverlablog@gmail.com

Estate LA Winter Collection

Yes, these hats amazing, so good ride in....... Here's the deets....

Los Angeles-based hat makers estate LA work up a new silhouette for the brand’s Winter Collection. Featured is a traditional 5-panel platform remixed with a flap style, similar to the season’s popular hunting motifs. A construction of corduroy and possibly canvas is employed within a classic Brown/Tan workwear colorway.


LOS ANGELES AREA BIKE MAPS - courtesy of Los Angeles Bike Coalition
Metro Bike Map - A searchable PDF of bike, bus and rail routes for all of Los Angeles County.
Santa Monica Bike Map - Check out the Bicycle Map for the City of Santa Monica. Current version available in 2 formats, bikemap.jpg and bikemap.pdf.
Long Beach Bicycle Master Plan. Provides several PDF downloads describing the various elements, including maps, of the Long Beach Bicycle Master Plan.
Orange County Bike Map. Newly updated version is now available.

New Orange 20 Water Bottles!

On Sale for $7 until November 14th 2009! Make Sure you get down a Get one!
Orange 20
4351 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Photo by: Mr. K Model : The Sleepers