10 May, 2011

Vince Felix x Us Versus Them: Full Grain Leather Pedal Straps

Vince Felix for Us Versus Them Handcrafted Full Grain Leather Bike Pedal Straps from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.

Handmade... Sick with it.

"With a strong cultural following and arguably the best all around fixed freestyle team, clothing line Us Versus Them has added to their growing list of bike-centric collaborative projects with the release of these leather foot straps. Hand crafted by Vince Felix in Ventura, Ca exclusively for UVT, the project came about organically, building from an appreciation of Vince's work. An ex pro surfer turned fireman, he was involved in a crash while riding his motorcycle that left his leg shattered. This prevented him from working as a firefighter any longer and necessity called on him to turn his passion for pinstriping and interest in leatherworking into a full time trade. UVT's James Banuelos traveled to Ventura to find the right leather and hardware for the design, which Vince took and crafted into his signature strap design. Only 40 pairs available exclusively at USVERSUSTHEM.COM."

Only 40! Swoop!

TurnStyleNews: David Rowe Interview

This just got sent our way. A rad Interview with TL&R's Director, David Rowe.
All this buildup leading to DVD release (6/21/11), is killing me. I can't wait!

Checkout the Interview here, great insight to the making of TL&R.

I also heard there was a contest over at Trafik's Blog for a pair of KeoRocks...

Cadence: Jaunt

Summer Collection! Friday! Yay!


4130 Subway Series Documentary

4130 Subway Series Documentary from ProtagonistBMX on Vimeo.

LA all day. Time to build a BMX.

Outlier: Slim Dungarees

New New from Outlier. I wonder if that new shop will be carrying these?


The Slim Dungarees are a lean version of our Keirin Cut Dungarees. Don't call them jeans. There's no denim in here. No cotton to suck up sweat and rain and clam up your life for hours as it sort of dries. If Levi Strauss set out today to sell pants to gold miners, do you think he'd pick a fabric centuries old or would he do what he did 160 years ago and find the toughest, most durable and most comfortable cloth around? Made out of our Workcloth Doubleweave Canvas, the Slim Dungarees boast a rugged canvas exterior and soft brushed interior, making them as comfortable as they are durable. They shrug off light rain, coffee and beer yet breathe with ease. They look great covered in grime and paint yet clean up like nobody's business. The tough, the comfortable and the good looking rolled up into one pant.


84kick Riding in San Francisco from HHIIRROO on Vimeo.

Best Name ever.

To Live & Ride in LA - Chinatown teaser

Trafik has released another teaser...

I just want this DVD to drop already!