04 March, 2010

Save the Tarck bike!! Umm... I mean Track bike....

Kyle, you out did yourself with this one... It really speaks to me. I don't do tricks, and I love going fast. That why I throw races, and race as much as possible. I have a lot homies who trick and are fucking sick at it, so I have a lot of love for that part of tarck culture.
But sometimes we need to be reminded where this came from! The TRACK!!! Go fast, turn left!!!

Please save me one, kyle!!! I'll stop by later...

get it here

-Sean Martin

NEW ERA Dodger Grey Wool

This colorway is sick.... I realized a few days ago, that I don't have any grey hats (which for me is crazy considering how many hats I have) and have been on the search since then. Then this pops up. Perfect. It's wool, so cop it before winter ends.

Get it at any New Era dealer.

-Sean Martin