01 April, 2011

I am Los Angeles: Fish & Chips

Dylan Hurst - I Am Los Angeles from Joris Debeij on Vimeo.

Good Job Dylan. I'm happy to share this you. We are Los Angeles.

Check out the rest here

Here is mine.

RYD presents: I'm Cole'd

DTLA... Youngin' coming up, Cole ryding the Ryd conflict proto due this spring.

Special Flip?!?!

First this, then the Special flip? Big week for Bmx.

I'm pretty sure there is a gif somewhere of someone doing this recently. Anyone know if it's the same dude?

City Grounds trips to PHX

City Grounds trips to PHX from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

Nice mellow vibe. It's time for road trips, and traveling.

Craigslist deal of week!

Someone jump on this.

Details and links
Very clean Celeste Green 55cm Bianchi Pista Concept. Used the bike as seen for approximately 1yr. No dents, dings or blemishes. 100% working order. Just looking to make a quick sale to make room for new projects. Would rather sell complete but will part out if need be. Best way to contact me is via cell phone: 310-895-0682 and ask for Kenny. Will be available all day and this coming weekend. Serious inquiries only please. Feel free to cal with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

*crappy photo

DZR: The Ovis

Got home yesterday, and a shoe package was waiting for me. DZR sent me a pair of the Ovis.
First impressions, I don't want to ride in them! So clean and good looking. A very good looking sneaker. Super comfy.
I'm heading to the shop to get cleats this weekend. These are the perfect shoe for my touring bike. Gonna rage around,
with these and panniers all weekend. Keep you updated as it progresses.

Thanks DZR

Maca Meds Party

Maca Meds Party from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Looks like a good time! Still sad I missed this.