19 November, 2010

Lorem Ipsum: Raw Jeans?

Spied this over at Cadence. I saw some of these at interbike this year. I hope this photo, means that these jeans are dropping soon.
I have a pair of the first generation, (thanks Greg for not being able to fit them) and really can't wait to get my hands on some more.

iMiNUSD: One Year Anniversary Stickers

Congrats on the One Year Anniversary! Good luck with the race. Sorry the weather shut down the trick comp!

Swoop on some stickers here, there's only 500!


Bicycle Crash!

Photo by Karolis Milasevicius

Submitted for the National geographic Photo Contest.

Nosaj Thing x 2001: A Space Odyssey

Nosaj Thing - IOIO & Fog (2001: A Space Odissey) from Miguel Bidarra on Vimeo.

All Around and Away We Go - Twin Sister

All Around and Away We Go from Twin Sister on Vimeo.

Affinity Cycles x Kenzo Minami


So sick looking... The wheels alone are dope, that frame is hot fire. Great edit.

Go over to Prolly's Jam for the whole scoop.

Jay O'Callahan: The Power of Storytelling

Jay O'Callahan: The Power of Storytelling from 99% on Vimeo.

Jay O'Callahan has the rare distinction of traveling the world telling stories. Here, he introduces us to the power of storytelling – that most human, and ancient, art form. Through the lens of a tale about NASA putting a man on the moon, O'Callahan illustrates how storytelling taps into our imagination, engages those around us, and inspires amazing achievements.


Races this weekend

Whitter is holding what maybe their first street race this Saturday. I'm super stoked for the organizer Nick, it's his first time throwing an event and I wish him good luck. I won't be to make it, and I know Cranksgiving is the same day, but it is possible to do both races. Go Support!

Cranksgiving! The best race in LA, Ten years deep.
So rad. I'm excited, it'll be my third, I think. Need to count my t-shirts... Looks we'll be racing in the rain, but it's for the Kids. That is the best part of this race, coming in with your bags full of food, and you get to deliver right to Para Los Ninos, seeing their smiling faces, make all of the racing, so worth it. Here's to another Ten Years of Cranksgiving! Race Safe everyone!

SF Bikes

Cannodale Track... A thing of beauty.

Chris Nguyen's Fixie Whip