26 January, 2010

BIKE PORN Photo of the day!

1976 Richard Sachs Pistamo! I love Richard's work... one man shop who's been building frames since 1972! I really wish I could get one of these puppies. The only thing is It would get the shit kicked out of it on the street.. Rich, If you read this PLEASE let me do an extended TEST on one to prove that last statement wrong ;)

New Massive Attack Single!!!!

The new single from Massive Attack "Paradise Circus". From their upcoming new album “Heligoland” set to be released on February 9, 2010.

Thanks Chris

Chubby Boob presents: Call of the wild!!!

Alright, this is very short notice for a race, but it's gonna be a good one!

Chubby Boob, the most amazing group of people you will ever meet and hopefully get down with, have decided to throw a race.

I'm so stoked for this...

PS. The Muthafuckin Ulock MOB is printing T-shirts for this one!!!

Tokyo to Osaka Teaser

Tokyo to Osaka Teaser from John Murillo on Vimeo.

Bewm!!! I spy the homie Zachary Taka Scott in this! A really amazing guy, a fun dude to ride and race with. He has great tales of awesomeness, and of tragedy from this trip. If they do a part two this year I'm in. Looks great, vist the site here!

Stairways to heaven screening!!! update with sponsors

Oh, snap! Goldsprints! Re-matches for the racers? I can't wait!!!

In the cutts #6: Cardiel

intheCUTTS episode 6: JOHN CARDIEL from InThe Cutts on Vimeo.


Haiti Benefit race

If your in New York, please race this.... What an amazing idea to host a race for such a needy cause, good luck racers, and great
job to the organizers!!!!